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Great benefits of the Leibinger JET2neo Industrial Inkjet Printer:

One example of the distributed products we offer in the printing technology range with cost-savings and reliability is the Leibinger JET2neo small character industrial inkjet coder.

Leibinger JET2neo Inkjet Coder Spec Sheet. | Learn more about the JET2neo Inkjet Date Coder
Leibinger JET2neo small character inkjet printer
Leibinger JET2neo: Radically different from other industrial inkjet coders. It's the easiest printer to use and maintain, the most portable and offers unmatched small character printing reliability. Learn More >
Leibinger JET2neo: Radically different from other industrial inkjet coders. It's the easiest printer to use and maintain, the most portable and offers unmatched small character printing reliability.
Sealed Printhead: The unique hermetically sealed printhead is adjustment free, increasing productivity and eliminating costly service calls. Typical cleaning interval of 3 months which saves on cleaning fluids.
Touch Screen: Easy to use color touch screen has intuitive on-screen prompts and large message storage of 1,000 typical messages which can be backed up using the USB port.
Easy-Change®: The Easy-Change® service module means you service the printer in minutes. There is no need for costly service calls or messy filter replacements.
Portable Ink Jet Coder: The ergonomically designed inkjet coder weighs just 13.5 kg and it's tough, compact enclosure can fit almost anywhere.
Large Character: The Linx CJ400 continous inkjet printer is capable of printing a 32 high font for large character printing onto the sides of cartons.
Multiple Line Printing: The Linx inkjet coder is capable of printing up to 3 lines of information such as: lot codes, expiry dates, times, text and other data onto almost any porous or non-porous surface
Bottom Coding of Products: The CJ400 industrial inkjet printer is capable of printing onto the bottom of products while mounted in the up direction. Use with a hugger conveyor to bottom code products.

Are you tired of paying too much to run your Hitachi® inkjet coder?

Industrial inkjet coder fluids, ink and makeup for use with Hitachi inkjet coders.

Lower your costs of operation with Ketan inkjet coder ink, makeup and filter kits!

Ketan offers industrial inkjet coder fluids: Many types of ink and makeup for use with Hitachi® inkjet coders are available. Learn more about our compatible ink, makeup and parts for use with Hitachi® inkjet printers.

Ketan offers competitive inkjet trade in programs.
Inquire about our Hitachi® inkjet coder trade-in program or our extensive used or refurbished Hitachi® inkjet printer inventory.

Hitachi® Inkjet Printer Technical Support
Need technical support for your Hitachi® Inkjet coder? Ketan has trained technicians on standby to help solve your printer issues.

Contact us at service@ketanautomated.com or (909) 930-0780

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Ketan has had more than 8 years extensive experience with the Hitachi® Inkjet coder line of products. Based on that experience, we offer compatible ink, makeup and parts in order to help reduce our customers operational costs.

Ketan's Mission

Ketan's goal is to manufacture many types of labeling, filling, conveyance and other supporting equipment in the United States with superb craftsmanship that exceeds our customers expectations. Through the continual investment in "state-of-the-art" CNC manufacturing equipment and with many years of industry experience - Ketan's goal is to produce machinery that leaves the customer saying: "How could I have received so much at such a great price!"

Ketan's product guidelines which include an emphasis on producing cost effective equipment while maintaining quality craftsmanship, machine reliability and flexibility must also be met by any of our distributed products. Ketan's unique ability to integrate many types of printing technologies into our various types of manufactured equipment allows us to offer total solutions for customer requirements. Ketan's ultimate goal with our industry partners is to provide reliable, innovative and cost-saving equipment that adds value to our customers production environment for many years.

Welcome to Ketan Automated Equipment, Inc.

Ketan Automated Equipment, Inc. specializes in automatic pressure sensitive labeling systems, industrial inkjet coders, and many types of product handling machines for all your product identification needs.

Ketan has become well known for our reliable flagship round product wrap labeling machines that use the three roll label placement method.This product has solved many companies issues with more difficult to run round containers which have inconsistencies in diameter or slight tapers.

Ketan's TC-34M Hugger belt Conveyor with its bottomless conveyor design for bottom coding and transferring of products has become the premier machine sold in the United States. Its rigid design and high end components give it a service life that is unmatched in the industry.

Ketan manufactures many types of automatic labeling machines in Ontario, California, USA. Round product wrap labelers, front and back labeling machines, top and bottom labeling systems, print and apply labelers, stand alone label applicators and horizontal wrap labelers are all examples of Ketan's manufactured labeling equipment made in the USA.

Ketan also manufactures various types of product handling systems such as: hugger belt conveyors, flat belt conveyors, integrated carton printing conveyors, stainless steel tabletop chain conveyors, accumulation turntables, descrambling or unscrambling turntables, traversing systems for use with inkjet coders, integrated coding and marking handling systems and custom product handling solutions.

Ketan has had extensive experience with Hitachi® inkjet coders and offer our own brand of ink, makeup and parts which lower the end-users operational costs but maintain product reliability. Ketan offers a wide range of industrial inkjet coder inks, solvent and makeup for use with Hitachi® industrial inkjet coders. Call today and ask about our Hitachi® inkjet coder trade-in program or inquire on our used or refurbished Hitachi® PX, PB or PXR inkjet printer inventory.

Ketan is proud to be an authorized distributor for Leibinger inkjet coders. Leibinger manufactures the most reliable industrial inkjet coders in the world. Their line of continuous inkjet printers compliment Ketan's range of automatic labeling and material handling systems. With the Leibinger printers sealed nozzle system and ease of use, they are the most reliable inkjet coders on the market. Ketan has extensive experience in the inkjet coding industry and Leibinger coding products are without a doubt-the best industrial inkjet printers in the wolrd. They deliver the reliability our customers expect.

Wether you need industrial inkjet printers, automatic labelers, conveyors, integrated coding or labeling systems or customs solutions - Ketan's sales staff stands ready to provide prompt and intuitive information in order to help with a solution for your application requirements.

Call Ketan today and let us ensure that your automatic labeling, small character inkjet coding,and product handling needs are met quickly with cost effective, reliable machines that will fit your application's budget, engineering requirements and future upgradeability.