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About Ketan Automated Equipment

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About Ketan Automated Equipment, Inc.®

Ketan manufactures many types of automatic pressure sensitive labeling machines in Ontario, California, USA.

About Ketan Automated Equipment, Inc.
Ketan manufactures many types of automatic pressure sensitive labeling machines in Ontario, California, USA. Round product wrap labelers, front and back labeling machinestop and bottom labeling systems, print and apply labelers, stand alone label applicators and horizontal wrap labeling systems are all examples of Ketan's manufactured labeling equipment made in the USA.

Ketan also manufactures various types of product handling systems such as: hugger belt conveyors, flat belt conveyors, integrated carton printing conveyors, stainless steel tabletop chain conveyors, accumulation turntablesdescrambling or unscrambling turntables, traversing systems for use with inkjet coders, integrated coding and marking handling systems and custom product handling solutions.

Ketan's goal is to develop and manufacture many types of labeling, filling, conveyance and other supporting equipment in the United States with superb craftsmanship that exceeds our customers expectations. Through the continual investment in "state-of-the-art" CNC manufacturing equipment and with many years of industry experience - Ketan's goal is to produce machinery that leaves our clients saying: "How could I have received so much at such a great price!"

Ketan's product guidelines which include an emphasis on producing cost effective equipment while maintaining quality craftsmanship, machine reliability and flexibility must also be met by any of our distributed products. Ketan's unique ability to integrate many types of printing technologies into our various types of manufactured equipment allows us to offer total solutions for customer requirements. Ketan's ultimate goal with our industry partners is to provide reliable, innovative and cost-saving equipment that adds value to our customers production environment for many years.

Mission Statement
  • Ketan Automated Equipment, Inc. functions on the belief that there is intrinsic value, personal and professional reward in producing machines and offering services that provide our clients more value than they have come to expect from other companies.
  • Ketan beleives that there is much room for our machine building philosophies to expand into many other types of production equipment. Ketan will continue to develop new products that will offer the same reliability and cost savings which our current machines are known for.
  • Ketan understands the importance of listening to our customers feedback. We will continue to utilize this information in order to further enhance the capabilities of our current standard product line while maintaining modularity through product transitions.
  • Every employee at Ketan Automated Equipment has a goal to work efficiently, positivley and safely in the process of delivering the best possible product to our clients.
  • We are dedicated to investing in the latest technologies and components so our clients can depend on us to provide them with the most modern machinery which will allow them to excel within their own industry.