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LASER Coding or Marking Systems

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Ketan offers various types of scribing LASER systems manufactured by Linx. Linx LASER coders deliver improved productivity, low running costs and low maintenance, with no compromise on code quality. The economical Linx SL101 10W (10 watt) LASER Coder has been specifically designed to meet a wide range of coding requirements. The Linx SL301 30W (30 watt) LASER Printing System is the fastest LASER coder on the market and offers more versatility for printing onto various types of substrates.

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SL101 Industrial LASER Coder

Linx SL101

  • • Economical, 10 watt versatile LASER coding system!

  • • IP54 rating - maximum reliability and up time in challenging environments!

  • • Low running costs - a tube life of 45,000 hours!

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SL301 Industrial LASER
Linx SL301
  • • 30 watt LASER with no compromise on code quality!

  • • Wide range of marking heads and lens options - versatile for many types of applications!

  • • Fastest LASER coder on the market!

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