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Hugger Belt - Bottle Transfer Conveyors, Stainless Steel Flat Belt or Tabletop Chain Conveyors and Rotary Turntables

Ketan manufactures many types of conveyors, rotary turntables and other product handling machines for use in various types of industries. Our line of stainless steel flat belt or tabletop chain conveyors are excellent for bottle coding, case or box coding and basic conveyance of bottles or other products. They are also widely used as infeed or exit conveyors within a production line and general product assembly.

The hugger belt bottle transfer conveyor can be used in conjunction with an inkjet coder for bottom coding of bottles and other products. It is also used to smoothly transfer bottles from one conveyor to another without the need for dead plates which can cause bottles to tip over.

Ketan's line of rotary turntables include accumulation or collection turntables and infeed or unscrambling turntables. Our descrambling or infeed turntables generally feed bottles and other products into production line equipment such as: filling machines, labeling machines, capping machines and other manufacturing equipment. The accumulation or collection turntables are generally at the end of the production line or at the discharge of a labeling machine, filling machine or other type of manufacturing equipment.

Rotary turntables are an excellent addition to any production environment in order to maintain a consistent product flow within the manufacturing process.
Rotary Turntables-Accumulation and Unscrambling
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Accumulating and descrambling turntables to collect, load and unload your products from a production line.
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