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Industrial Inkjet Coder Fluid & Parts

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Industrial Inkjet Coder Fluid & Parts

All fluids have been tested in Hitachi PB, PX, PXR & PH series printers

Ketan Guarantees that the ink or makeup fluid sold under its own brand will cause no issues with the operation of the Hitachi Inkjet coders. All fluids have been tested in Hitachi PB, PX, PXR & PH series printers. For written guarantee contact us

Ketan has over 7 years experience with Hitachi inkjet coders and has the ability to provide service, ink and makeup as well as parts. All fluids & parts sold by Ketan have been proven to be reliable and offer a very cost effective solution thus saving on the bottom line of your production costs

Why waste money? Ketan fluids will provide the same results at a much lower price!

Call Ketan today (909) 930-0780 and ask about our
“no service cost” program

Ketan Ink & Makeup Pricing

For use with industrial Hitachi inkjet coders
Ketan Part # Description Replaces Hitachi Ink Replaces Hitachi MakeUp MakeUp Price Per Quart
(9 Quarts Per Case)
Ink Price Per Liter
(2, 6 or 9 Liters Per Case)
MK Makeup   TH-Type A, TH-Type E, TH-73, TH-18 $12.50 Per Quart(9 or 18Qt)
$10.50 Per Quart– 27 Qt or more
Acetone Makeup   TH-77 & TH-81 $13.80 Per Qt
KM-CL10-1L VOC Compliant Cleaner– California   CL-1000 Cleaner $12.50 Per Qt  
MK Black Ink JP-K67     $59.00 Per Liter
KI-YE91-1L MK Yellow Ink JP-Y91 & JP-Y37     $75.00 Per Liter
MK-High Adhesion Black Ink JP-K72     $64.00 Per Liter
KI-BK81-1L Acetone– Black Ink
JP-K81     $72.00 Per Liter