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Continuous Inkjet Coder - Linx 5900

The Linx 5900 continuous inkjet coder is designed to grow as your business requirements grow. Great for your current inkjet coding needs, it comes with optional upgrade features so you can enhance production line integration and message control as and when you need it.

The Linx 5900 industrial inkjet coder is excellent for use in printing lot codes, date codes, time data and text onto plastic or glass bottles in many types of industrial environments. It is truly an industrial printing machine which offers advanced coding capabilities, excellent print quality and machine reliability all in one package. Its cost saving and modular features make it an industrial inkjet coder that will help reduce your operational costs while maintaining the ability to grow with your business.

The 5900 inkjet coder can also be incorporated into the Ketan TC-20 bottomless conveyor for printing onto the bottom of bottles or other products - this process is know as bottom coding.

See the gallery below for more detail.

Linx 5900 continuous inkjet coder
Linx 5900: Large colour user interface and prompted fields for quick and easy message creation. IP55-rated with a curved stainless steel enclosure.
Linx 5900: Large colour user interface and prompted fields for quick and easy message creation. IP55-rated with a curved stainless steel enclosure.
Sealed Printhead: The unique hermetically sealed printhead is adjustment free, increasing productivity and eliminating costly service calls. Predictable service intervals of up to 6,000 hours.
Full Keyboard: Integral QWERTY keyboard (full size) and 1/4 VGA back-lit colour display, printer status indicators (4 LEDs). Dynamic message and logo storage capacity (up to 1000 typical messages)
Traversing System:The 5900 can be incorporated into a traversing system to quickly and efficiently code across multiple items.
Various inks available: Range of inks available, including low evaporation, low taint, and a wide spectrum of colors - thus allowing to print on many substrates.
Excellent print tolerance: Even when surfaces are not flat or still (eg. moving bottles), and are 10mm or more away from the printhead
Air knife system: Integrated printhead and air knife system ensures that the print area on the bottle is dried prior to printing. - thus printing always occurs on the dried area, keeping your code quality consistently high.
Quality inks: Linx Black bottling ink 1058 penetrates condensation and provides good print quality and permanence right up to the point of its removal in caustic bottle washers
Various ink colors available: The CJ400 inkjet coder can use many different ink types and colors
Date and lot coding: The CJ400 inkjet coder is capable of printing 3 lines of information such as date coding, lot number coding, time data and text onto various types of substrates.
Small, compact and rigid design: Only 17.8 inches wide by 12.75 inches in depth by 14.3 inches high
UV Coding: Discreet or UV coding inks available for industries such as wine bottle coding or other discreet code applications
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Linx 5900 Continous Inkjet Printer Features

  • Get 3-line coding, USB message sharing and store up to 1,000 messages as standard
  • Increase your print speeds as your production requirements change
  • Message control with the Linx Insight® upgrade for remote monitoring from your smartphone or PC
  • Add quick and accurate code changes with a barcode scanner and Linx QuickSwitch® technology
  • Performance
  • General Features
  • Programming
  • Input/Output
  • Downloads/PDFs
  • Dimensionals
Printhead Mini Ultima* Midi* Ultima plus Midi plus
Nozzle size 50 μm 62 μm 62 μm 75 μm 75 μm
Lines of print supported 1 or 2 1,2 or 3 1,2 or 3 1,2 or 3 1,2 or 3
Character height range 1.4 to 4.6 mm 1.8 to 7.8 mm 1.8 to 8.8 mm 2.1 to 9.5 mm 2.1 to 10.7 mm
Maximum speed: single line print, wide pitch, Super High Speed (SHS) print option 6.83 m/s 6.25 m/s 6.28 m/s 7.28 m/s 2.10 m/s
Maximum number of characters per second 2667 2222 1905 2133 821
High Speed (HS) and Super High Speed (SHS) print options Option Option Option Option  
Linx 5900 Option Standard Option Option Option
Linx 5900 Solver (for lowest solvent consumption) Option Standard Option    
Linx 5900DC (for dairy coding) Option Standrad Option Option Option
Linx 5900BC (for wet bottle coding)   Standard Option    

*For certain inks, Ultima A and Midi A printheads replace Ultima and Midi printheads, to provide reliable performance. Print speeds are unchanged.
  • Single button startup and shutdown
  • Simple menu-driven WYSIWYG message creation and editing
  • SureFill® mistake-proof refill system and on-screen fluid level indicators
  • Integral QWERTY keyboard (full size) and 1/4 VGA back-lit colour display, printer status indicators (4 LEDs)
  • USB port for copy and back up of message and printer settings
  • FullFlush® automatic printhead and conduit flush
  • Saving remote field data over a power cycle
  • Auto power-off
  • Automatic diagnostics
  • Multiple operator languages (user selectable)
  • Dynamically adjusted service interval up to 6000 hours (dependent on ink type and environment)
  • Password-protected functions
  • Dynamic message and logo storage capacity (up to 1000 typical messages)
  • Prompted fields
  • Robust conduit for static and moving printhead applications

  • Physical Characteristics
  • Base and enclosure: (Stainless steel)
  • IP55 environmental protection rating**: (GS, CE, EAC, NRTL, FCC)
  • Mounting options: (Bench or console)
  • Operating temperature range: (5 – 45°C)
  • Humidity range -r.h., non-condensing: (90% max)
  • Power supply: (100-230V, 50/60Hz)
  • Power consumption: (60W - typical when printing)
  • Power rating: (200W)
  • Weight: (21kg)

    Programming and printing facilities
  • Fixed and variable text
  • Upper and lower case characters
  • Graphics/logo printing
  • Logo import as bitmap using USB port
  • QuickSwitch® message selection and editing using bar code scanner - optional
  • Bold factor (up to 10 times)
  • Shift coding
  • Remote communications interface
  • Real-time clock functions
  • Automatic date forward function
  • Batch coding and counting
  • Sequential numbering and messages
  • Dynamic reverse and invert printing for traversing lines (5900DC only) - optional
  • Rotated character (‘tower’) printing
  • Message creation/editing whilst printing
  • Flexible print trigger options
  • LogoJet PC-based message and logo creation software - optional
  • 5900BC - bottle coder

    Connections/Interfacing for
  • Shaft encoder
  • Primary and secondary product detectors
  • External single stage alarm output
  • USB
  • RS232
  • Ethernet - optional
  • External multi-stage alarm output - optional
  • Parallel I/O - optional
  • Multiple printer triggering from single product detector/shaft encoder - optional
  • Volt-free contact alarm connection (e.g. for use with external mains-driven alarm) - optional

  • Printhead Options
  • 2m conduit
  • 4m conduit (not available with 5900 Solver) - optional
  • 90° printhead configuration - optional
  • Positive air purge to printhead - optional
  • Cutaway printhead cover tube - optional
  • Magnetic shielded cover tube - optional
  • Midi Short Reach Right Angled (SRRA) printhead (not available on 5900BC), length 130mm - optional

  • Ink Range Linx 5900 Linx 5900 Solver Linx 5900BC Linx 5900DC
    Linx MEK base (dye-based) Standard Standard Standard (1058) Standard
    Linx mixed base (MEK-free) Standard Standard   Standard
    Linx ethanol base (MEK-free) Standard     Standard
    Linx MEK soft pigmented Standard     Standard
    Linx 5900 Continous Inkjet Printer Spec Sheet
  • Linx 5900 Continous Inkjet Printer Spec Sheet
    Linx 5900 continuous inket printer dimensional drawing
  • Linx 5900 Continous Inkjet Printer dimensional drawing